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The Magical Door

                                                                                                  By Payal Ashok Mukherjee

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About The Magical Door

My sanctuary "The Magical Door" is for you to experience physical, emotional, mental & spiritual bliss. I promote a holistic approach towards life where one achieves optimal health by coming into alignment & in balance with life. This new space augurs a new beginning that will set the tone for us to reach our aim of creative healing and manifestation.This is indeed a space to uplift & inspire you so that you achieve your highest potential through realization of the power within you. As a Holistic center & Retail outlet , i shall offer workshops, courses, classes, therapy sessions and products such as Crystals, Elixirs, Essential Oils, Natural Salts, Flower Essence, CD's, Books & many more. These are tools to assist you in your awakening. The process begins when we take the first step & perform an action towards discovering our own true selves. Over the years, it has always been my pleasure to bestow treasures of spiritual knowledge and healing on seekers, and this will continue to be so as this is what i genuinely resonate with. In the days to come, i aim to continue my trust in the Divine Power whilst doing my work and serving people with an open and loving heart. With guidance and support from the Universe, i will continue my spirit of being ever ready to do what i can, to help people procure good fortune, happiness and success as they travel on their life path.

May loads of powerful blessings be bestowed upon you & may you be showered with love, laughter, peace, prosperity & everlasting joy......that is my vision & mission.

I wholeheartedly welcome you to The Magical Door !!!

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