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About me

Namaste Blessed Souls,

My journey of self discovery began 20 years ago when I chose to turn inwards to find the answers about Life and Soul. The answers didn’t  come instantly as I had hoped, but gradually revealed themselves with daily meditation and my deck of Tarot cards guiding me throughout. I slowly began to assimilate the visions, sensations, insights, emotions and the messages I received. I experienced immense joy in sharing the inner knowledge with others. A self taught Tarot Reader and Crystal Healer, I still feel I have something new to learn each day even after two decades of study & practice. With every personal experience and with every reading I do, a part of me learns a little more about the beauty of human souls and the universal truths. My days are spent applying whatever I’ve learnt so far from my research & experience of working with people all over the world.

 "I do not claim to know all the answers but I do know I have the ability to connect and read the energies of others, and help them find clarity and peace....

At the end of the day I believe we are all the masters of our own destiny and are responsible for our own life and actions. The only real teacher is Your Life, the Universe & You Yourself. I am merely, a reader.....I believe that the things you are destined to achieve will eventually find you although you fail to seek them. Tarot is a spiritual journey as well as a wonderful achievement for me. I have devoted myself to this subject contributing hours to its study. Through elaborate research i have arrived at a thorough understanding of its powers and potential. In my quest for finding a meaning and purpose in my life and the lives of people around me, my search took me into the realms of Tarot & the lovely Angels.

A Message from the Angels:

Angels and guides are all around you. You need to feel them. All you need to do is to call upon them & they will be there to help you; to guide you in the right direction. You will feel their presence in your heart & soul. You will know about their unconditional love for you. Angels don’t need anything from you – All they desire is you to be joyous & in a peaceful state of bliss....All they want is your warm smile & a lovely heartfelt gratefulness. They are always there to bless you. So, dear friends, the next time you feel sad or low, don’t forget to call upon your beloved angels. Try it just once & see the gates of love & light open up for you. The light that will draw you to never ending peace & prosperity, the light that will lead you to eternal joy!!

What i can offer :

An insightful in depth look into your situation delivered in an empowering and positive manner. My readings aim to bring you clarity and hope and are a combination of clairvoyant abilities, knowledge of the Tarot cards, the angelic realm, healing abilities along with my awareness of Automatic Writing, Oracle cards, Crystals, Gemstones, Colours, Numbers, Planets, Aromatherapy and Feng Shui.  Ultimately, my role is simply to provide you with guidance & make you walk away feeling clearer, stronger, lighter and more in tune with your path and purpose.

In Deep Humility,


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