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Automatic writing

Have you ever felt an inclination towards writing ?

I have....

As per the Dictionary, Automatic Writing is said to be produced by a spiritual, occult or subconscious agency rather than by the conscious intention of the writer.
At one point of time, I perceived Automatic Writing as a process of allowing spirit to inspire your thoughts; also an ability to get words on the page that did not come from your conscious mind. It was allowing yourself to enter a waking trance so that you could channel the information from a higher-source.

For some, Automatic writing is hard to prove as real & for some it is less likely to be a paranormal phenomenon & more likely to be a creative spark of the subconscious mind. For the logically driven , brain's left hemisphere dominant lot, it may be nothing but a creative instinct of the writer. However the reason they do not quite get it is that it is very much the forte of the intuitive right side brainers.

If you ask me, automatic writing in its true essence is channeling, and should be given due credit and reverence.

Personally, i never sit for an auto-writing session before asking the Archangels & my guides for protection. I always start with a small meditation, invoking the Angels & guides followed by space clearing & praying for protection.Auto-writing should be carried out with care & protection after removing all the dark / unwanted energies from ones space. There should be no entity entering ones energetic space & take control of ones being.....

If automatic writing excites you, try it several times before you give up because you haven’t yet channeled the lost scrolls of Atlantis. If you enjoy writing, or wish you could channel, play with the process of automatic writing as a tool for creative expression – with the potential for accessing a greater wisdom.

I’m not saying that every time I sit to write I am trance or semi-trance channeling, but I do enter a spiritually-aware frame of mind and allow the process to follow a natural course. Some believe that unless you are completely channeling a higher being it’s not Automatic Writing (according to its definition), but they can say what they want. It makes me happy and the results are great!

If you wish to be successful at auto writing , start trying after taking proper guidance...Be sure to congratulate yourself as you begin…..It is very simple how the process works but how do you know you’re working at the exact wavelength you’re supposed to? For the same reason, if you truly feel that you resonate with this art of connecting & communicating with the Divine / Spiritual world, take the help of an expert & begin your journey which is sure to be a blissful one !!

Start your journey & pretty soon you’ll be writing notes from the spiritual realm and gaining insight from some of history’s greatest minds apart from the loving angels & guides. The most powerful tie we have to the past is the people who lived before us. It’s time to tap into this incredible resource today.’

Trust me you will enjoy the process & be glad that you made an attempt.....

Automatic Writing: Mission
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