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2020 : Last 3 months : Reminder :)

Updated: Jan 7, 2021

· Forgive those in your life you have wronged or those you have been wronged by — including yourself.

· Challenge yourself to cultivate a higher vibration by seeing life through the eyes of the Universe

· Take time to get to know yourself beyond your roles, labels, identities, and personal desires

· Spend as much time being grateful for all that you have, while consciously detaching from obsessive thoughts about the future.

Vedic Remedies for 2020

· One should try staying in a joint family or along with parents.

· Feeding birds is another effectual way to mitigate Rahu’s ill effects.

· One may offer something made of copper as a present to their lover / partner.

· Storing water in the south-west corner of one’s home is also one of the effectual remedies for Rahu.

· One should try to wear dark blue colored clothes more often.

· One can keep peacock feathers to mitigate the ill effects of 2020.

· Keeping and feeding dogs & cats on a regular basis will help.

· Chanting Durga Chalisa will remove the negative vibrations of the planet.

· Essential oils to be used – Sandalwood & Lemongrass

2020 in a Nutshell:



-Radical Liberalism




-The Future

-The Sky and Outer Space


May the last three months of 2020 be a period of magnificent transformation....!!

From my soul to yours, welcome to the next exciting level of Earth’s Ascension. Our time has come and it is through our individual and combined efforts that love is guaranteed to have the final say. As always, on behalf of the Universe, my love, guidance, and nurturing support is with you every step of the way.

To infinity and beyond!