Hand-engraved, Energized Dowsing and Healing Divination Board & Pendulum

Hand-engraved, Energized Dowsing and Healing Divination Board & Pendulum

Material : Mango Wood, Clear Quartz & 7 Chakra gems 


It’s a precise, simple way to calm and gather your focus, and gain the right answer from your greater consciousness.


Helps in aura and chakra scanning & healing


Scanning the 5 universal elements 


Scanning the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine Energies


Connecting & Communicating with your Guides, Angels & Masters


Receiving Divine Guidance


Healing relationships


Womb healing


Ancestral healing


Healing Mind, Body and Spirit


Removing low vibrational energies and entities


Healing Serpent Dosha


Connecting with the Source 


Manifesting Divine Abundance, Love, Knowledge, Wisdom, Peace and Joy


With practice, you can immediately put yourself in an open or meditative state of mind.


You can dowse with a pendulum to obtain solutions, look for missed objects, and also decide which dish to order at a restaurant.


You can utilize a pendulum to know the disease in your body or in someone else’s


It can assist you to decide what you truly want.


Operating with dowsing board and pendulum increases your habitual awareness.


They are excellent tools for yes and no answers, but you can perceive more candid and precise answers as well.