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Learn Tarot Card Reading - Rider Waite

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Welcome To The Magical World Of Tarot !!! Sometimes in our lives, we are faced with a situation that causes us some intense emotions or fears. We are crippled in not knowing what we are to do and how we are to proceed forward. This is where the tarot card can be a useful tool or guide as it will present to us positive and clear guidance on how to move forward. By learning and understanding the meanings behind these cards, one is able to always turn to a powerful tool that will allow us to find answers from the "inside-out" and hence enabling us to take proper and appropriate steps in moving forward. Tarot cards can be used as a tool for self-meditation, daily guidance, or to gain more insights about one’s relationship, financial problem, health, family matters, personality, etc. It is a powerful tool to help one’s growth on the spiritual path. The Tarot Class conducted by me will deal with the Universal Waite Tarot Deck. The Universal Waite Tarot deck is the most well-known Tarot deck. The deck was created in 1990's and uses archaic and traditional symbols to depict virtues, vices and elemental forces. It is the preferred starter deck for beginner Tarot readers due to its attractive pictures and the depth of symbolic meaning to each card. Experienced and novice readers choose the Waite Tarot deck for the simple, elegant use of imagery and meaning. The classes span over a period of seven days (once a week) that covers the following :- -Study the meanings of the The Universal-Waite of Minor Arcana (56 Cards). The Minor Arcana cards represent the daily situations and emotional states of daily life. The 56 cards in the Minor Arcana consists of 14 cards in each of four suits -Study the meanings of the The Universal-Waite of Major Arcana (22 Cards). -Understand that the Major Arcana represent past symbols -Modern interpretations of Major Arcana can throw off a reading. The word 'Arcana' means secrets or mysteries -Practice reading Major Arcana for others -The Wands (or Rods) represent creativity and will -The Pentacles (or Coins) represent the prosperity and the material possessions -The Cups represent emotions such as love, sadness and more that are felt by the heart -The Swords represent mental activities, dormancy and new forces in life -The Court cards consisting of Pages, Knights, Queens and Kings. These can indicate aspects of ourselves or others or can represent actual people, and also surroundings

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